This is Home: Virginia Beach

A famous town for locals and tourists alike, Virginia Beach is calling your name and giving you plenty of reasons to call it home. With pristine natural wonders, a vibrant downtown area, and beautiful beach and coastal locations, it’s no wonder Virginia Beach keeps attracting more and more visitors to call this their home. If you’re considering moving to Virginia Beach, here are some things that you’ll love about living there. 

1. Year-Round Fabulous Weather

With both coastal and seafronts, the weather in Virginia Beach is pleasant year-round. Summers are filled with warm and sunny days that call for beach dates without feeling chilly or too hot. But, winters are mild and don’t last too much, so you can still enjoy the city and all the natural wonders it has to offer. Over the year, the temperature typically varies from 34°F to 87°F and is rarely below 23°F or above 93°F.

2. Enjoy a Nature Getaway Without Leaving Home

Between the beautiful buildings and classic neighborhoods, you can easily find yourself surrounded by nature. The secluded Sandbridge Beach offers a unique opportunity to escape from the hassle of work-life without traveling far. Or, get very close with dozens of species that call Back Bay National Wildlife Preserve their home, or go for an adventure on the 165-acre Mount Trashmore. 

For those seeking more of an adrenaline thrill, Virginia Beach has over 100 miles of bike-friendly paths, with many offering a mountain-like terrain that’s great to add a dash of action to your weekends. 

3. Beautiful Coastal Living

Living in a beach town has its perks. From watersports to fishing, Virginia Beach has more than you could ever ask for. The Virginia Beach Fishing Pier is a fantastic location for families to spend the day and enjoy fishing all year long. The city is also home to an incredible three-mile boardwalk along its coastal shores that’s shared by pedestrians and bicyclists alike for a breathtaking view of the coast and a fabulous outdoor experience. 

4. Family-Friendly Atmosphere

Virginia is one of the best family-friendly metro areas on the East Coast. The family-friendly environment focuses on public safety, child education, and community child-friendliness, which is why so many families are flocking to call this their home. The city is packed with family-friendly beaches, parks, and museums for the entire family to enjoy. 

It’s so family-friendly that even your four-legged child will have a blast in this city. Virginia Beach has many dog parks, pet-friendly beaches, and pet-friendly restaurants that make this a town your dog will enjoy as much as you. 

5. A Vibrant Small Town Feel in a Big City

At last, the biggest reason people love to move to Virginia Beach is that unique small-town feel in a big city. It rarely feels overly crowded. Even during the city's big music festivals and festivities, it seems like everyone knows everybody here. The downtown area and nearby beaches are much easier to navigate, and you won’t ever feel like you've wandered off for hours to reach the nearest beach location or an ocean-front destination. 

With a few turns here and there, you’ll be surrounded by nature. But, turn around, and you’ll be immersed in a vibrant and lively downtown area with live music, bars, restaurants, and festivals happening every week – all of it just around the corner.