Caring for a new little bundle of joy is one of the most beautiful moments that life has to offer, and having the necessary items to help your newborn acclimate to their new world is critical. The baby care products market is projected to grow to about $88.72 billion worldwide by 2026, which can make choosing essential products that you need out of the vast ocean of offerings a bit difficult. Luckily, we’ve done the work for you! Here are a few items that are an absolute must-have for new moms that will help to create your newborn’s safe haven in the postpartum period. 


Upgrade your stroller to a travel system


It’s evident that strollers are essential to getting anything done, but a full travel system allows you to transfer an entire car seat with your sleeping newborn into a stroller with little disruption. Travel systems also have a carriage mode, and the car seat can face you or face outwards. Something else to consider is getting a lightweight stroller as your child ages. Having a lighter stroller option that travels well will lighten your load tremendously and make getting out and about with your baby a much more enjoyable experience. 


Invest in a noise machine 


White noise is very different from playing music for your baby because it has a consistent sound that blocks out sudden noises–helping your baby sleep deeply. When shopping for a noise machine, make sure to purchase one that is made specifically for babies so that the volume doesn’t hurt little ears. 


Get a breast pump that travels 


A good breast pump that’s also portable will make pumping milk much more manageable and will help new moms multitask efficiently. Creating a breast-pumping/feeding wellness kit for yourself is also recommended. Putting some nipple cream, Tylenol, a burp cloth, nursing pads, a nipple shield, and some heating packs in a grab bag will cover all your bases when pumping and nursing. Also, make sure to purchase a nursing pillow before your newborn arrives. 


Last but not least, take time to savor the moment


Being a new mom doesn’t last forever, so taking time to savor the moment with your newborn will help you enjoy this extraordinary time. The art of keeping babies calm or recreating an atmosphere that resembles the womb does take a bit of practice, but a good set of swaddles and tapping into parenting literature for new ideas will help bring about the results you’re looking for. 


Abigail Baker is a writer from Happy Writers, Co. in partnership with Seattle Fabrics, a recreational fabric retailer.

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