Why Should You Print Your Photographs?

Printed photographs? I mean they’re so 20th century! But are they really? Before you relegate your memories to the forgotten digital dungeons of your cell phone, consider some of the reasons why good old fashion prints may be worth investing in.


Photos Can Be Art


Let’s face it; it’s just too easy with digital technology to snap photos of everything we do, and, with modern data storage capacity (as well as cloud storage), we can fill our devices with 100s of half-inspired pictures. However, those photos of special moments or those shots of memorable places and events deserve a means of being remembered and celebrated.


Today’s technology gives us wonderful options for printing and displaying those favorite special photos. Whether you’re printing family pictures on photo paper to be displayed in frames or creating interesting wall pieces by printing on canvas, metal, or acrylic, print photos make the walls of your home accents to your decor. Family prints offer you reminders of the ones you love and brighten your days with memories. Landscapes can become true pieces of art and conversation pieces at get-togethers. And having those prints on display means you can actually enjoy them everyday, rather than leaving them forgotten on your phone.


Digital Photos Degrade


Opening and closing photos as well as duplicating .jpeg files causes them to degrade over time. Printing then is a way to preserve the moment as it was when you first took the shot. Furthermore, it’s just another way of keeping your photos safe.


Protect Your Memories


When digital technology first came out, we were encouraged to save photos as digital files as a means to keep them safe from disaster. Now the opposite also holds true. Computers crash, cloud companies go out of business, external hard drives can be damaged by heat and other factors. So why not print your favorite photos to add another layer of protection for your memories?


Photo Albums Are Keepsakes


Too often digital photos are a mishmash of the good, the bad, and the boring. There’s no real narrative, and who really bothers going back through them anyway. But a good scrapbook allows you to organize your photos to highlight specific memories. You get to choose the best shots and to tell the story of an event. Plus you can share that story with loved ones as a means of reconnecting with the past.


Print Photos Are Still a Favorite to Some


Grandparents and other older relatives and friends still enjoy looking at actual prints. You may even know someone that still doesn’t have a smartphone. So why not have some prints available for those to whom you can’t forward shots or who just enjoy thumbing through a stack of snaps? Prints also allow them to proudly display shots in conspicuous places in their homes.


Ivan Young is a writer from Happy Writers, Co. in partnership with Faxage, an online fax service.  

In partnership with Bailey Fett Photography