When it comes down to the time your new bundle of joy decides to arrive into the world,

preparedness is key. It's important to be aware that you likely will not be able to pack as the

miraculous event unfolds, and having hospital bags ready will help parents and newborns face

one of the most defining moments in life with everything they need to stay comfortable and

calm. Hospitals will have some items if you forget anything like basic toiletries or disposable

underwear but bringing your own essentials is far more ideal.

For Mom

Important Documents:

Don't forget your photo ID, medical insurance card, and birthing plan. Any other hospital

paperwork that you've filled out should also be added to your bag. If you plan on filing for leave

from work through a short-term disability plan or FMLA, make sure to take any documents or

contact information pertaining to your leave with you as well.


Having a baby is the perfect opportunity to surround yourself with the things that make you feel

the most comfortable. Your favorite bathrobe, fuzzy slippers, pajamas, and something to wear

home are all necessary. A few other items to be sure to pack that can be easily forgotten are a

nursing bra (with extra pads) and underwear. Socks or a sweater are also nice to have in case

the room is cold.


A small bag with a travel-size toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, mouthwash, glasses, contact

lenses/solution/case, face wash, and lip balm will help you stay fresh. Any other toiletries that

smell nice, such as your favorite soap, oil, shampoo, conditioner, or lotion, will be nice to keep

with you as well. As for hair accessories, a brush, comb, hair ties, and a headband will help your

hair stay in place while giving birth. If you have a preferred brand for high-absorbent maxi pads,

add those to your bag too.

Electronics, games, and snacks:

Your phone, laptop, or tablet and their assigned chargers are a must-have, and make sure to

bring along a set of headphones and any snacks that you typically enjoy. This is also the perfect

time to bring your favorite games, books, or scrapbook to start logging your baby's first days in

the world.

For Partners

Co-parents should make sure that they have what’s needed for the long haul and come

prepared for as long as it takes. The amount of time you’ll be in the hospital can be unknown,

which means that partners should be prepared for both a day or overnight stay.

Important Documents:

Don't forget your wallet, ID, insurance cards, and at least one credit card.


Comfort is key. Bring a change of clothes, a sweatshirt, underwear, socks, and even pajamas in

case you stay overnight.


Have a few essential toiletries with you, such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, and

glasses (if you need them). A travel pillow will also definitely come in handy during the

potentially long wait.

Electronics, games, and snacks:

A phone, laptop, or tablet with their chargers and compatible headphones will help you pass the

time and can also be used for photos. Cash for vending machines and your own snacks are

good to have, along with gum, mints, a water bottle, and lip balm. If you have a portable

electronic game, deck of cards, or a good book, you'll likely need it, and if you plan on doing any

recording on a separate device, make sure to bring your camera.

For Baby

The good news is that your little one is pretty easy to pack for and will need just a few items to

make it home safely. The most important things to remember are the infant car seat and something for your newborn

to wear home that is suitable for the outdoor temperature. Socks, booties, and a hat are good

additions to have with you, just in case. Your preferred brand of diapers, lotion, and diaper rash

cream can also go into your baby bag, along with a blanket and a few burp cloths.

Try Not to Overpack

Doing a bit of planning before your happy occasion is the best way to make sure moms,

partners, and babies all have what they need. Planning in advance will also help you not to

overpack. Packing a moderately sized single bag for each person and keeping items organized

will ensure you can find what you want and need quickly.


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