Location: Virginia Beach, Virginia

Kelsey contacted me in her third trimester of pregnancy. I recommend expecting parents to book their sessions in their second trimester to ensure availability but I was able to squeeze Kelsey in with little time to spare before her delivery. Dave and Kelsey will welcome their third baby in to the world this February. The first time I met this couple I instantly connected with them. She wanted specifically outdoor maternity portraits so that is just what we did! It was COLD but we had a blast! Kelsey chose the black Serena gown (by Chicaboo) out of my gown collection and she looked STUNNING! She was concerned with coordinating her families outfits due to the time restraint but together I helped her find just what was needed to bring it all together. Funny story, Kelsey and Dave were searching for a middle name for their newborn son and I recommended Reid ... well they LOVED it and decided to go with it! Except for the spelling, which they decided on Reed. Basically baby Mason Reed and I are connected for life because I helped choose his middle name :-P. All jokes aside, I am so excited for this family and I cannot wait for baby Mason's newborn session in February!